Deposit Options

interac-email-transfer-logoMost horse betting players use credit cards to make their deposits online because almost everyone has a card, it’s easy and it’s secure. However, over the last decade or so, there have been a number of new online banking methods that allow players to move their money. They say variety is the spice of life. Well, bettors now have plenty of spices on the rack to choose from.

There’s been a couple of reasons for the change as some of it has been the advancement of technology while some has been the easing or changing of regulations. From the technology standpoint, we’ve seen mainstream methods like Paypal, Skrill and other online banking options come to light and help those who bet on Kentucky Derby online. Also, there’s been the easing of government regulations as some countries have become far more flexible on the matter.

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If you’re betting on Kentucky Derby online, you’ll have a very easy time depositing unless you’re from one of the few countries that’s made it a tougher process for you. For example, the United States has made it challenging for players to go the online route unless they play at a certain few sportsbooks. However there are some quality companies that have paid close attention to the issue and have worked to find ways that are clean and make it easy for you to transfer funds back and forth in the USA. In places like Canada and the United Kingdom, you’ll find far more flexibility to deposit and withdraw your money.

How to Deposit Online

If you want to use your credit card to get your funds in for Kentucky Derby betting, there are a number of sites that make it smooth sailing. Any card that has the Visa logo works great (even the debit cards or gift cards). Just make sure it can handle international purchases as domestic cards sometimes have issues.

There’s some other options that are available to you like Rapid Transfer or Money Transfer. Rapid Transfer is a pretty good method for banking as it usually just involves calling the sportsbook to get the details. Once they know that you’re planning to make the transfer to or from your account, they’ll give you the next steps with how to proceed. All you’ll have to do is go to the local Rapid Transfer outlet and get them to execute the transfer. They’ll give you a confirmation number as part of your receipt and then you’ll call back to the sportsbook with that number and you’re done. Money Transfers virtually follow the exact same steps.

Another popular method to use is Bank Transfer, which can be completed without fees and is also an instant transfer. You’ll just have to register your account details with the provider and then once they have the information, it moves very smoothly. The only key is to make sure you stick with a reputable provider because you want to deal with a company who protects your privacy.

Interac e-transfers have become very popular over the last few years and they are super easy to use. If you’re set up with online banking, you can deposit money right from your bank account, which takes only about an hour or two to process (requesting the funds takes only a minute or two but the banks take a bit longer to actually complete the transfer). Lastly, another quality options is Entropay, which is really just purchasing a Virtual Visa through your personal credit card.

How Safe Is It to Deposit Online?

When it comes to the actual transfer of money, all of these methods are very safe. Every single one of the processes mentioned above come with the utmost security, which should put your mind at ease. They all use high-level encryption and the most advanced security practices. However, the one thing you’ll want to prioritize is the choosing of an online sportsbook or racebook that is approved and safe. If you’ve got that down, then everything else is gravy. If you’re using trustworthy shops, then you can sleep easy. If you want to venture outside of that realm, then it’s buyer beware.

Make sure that your online banking password is sturdy. Always use a password that is at least eight characters long, has at least one capital letter and one number. You can also change it from time to time to ensure that you’re completely covered. The key is to make sure you’re taking as many precautions as you can on your end because you want your information to be safe.

The Best Deposit Method for Horse Racing Bettors

So we’ve come to conclusion but there’s no one, universal answer for all horse betting handicappers. Depositing online is very much a personal choice and will depend on your preference and your location. For example: in certain places where the banking regulations are tighter, you may only have a couple of options. That means the decision might be made for you. In other places, you may have a buffet to choose from, so you’ll have to narrow what works best for you.

Credit cards tend to be the most popular choice for horse racing enthusiasts as it’s simple and safe. It’s an instantaneous process that really doesn’t take much from your end. You can deposit over the phone or online, and be betting on the Kentucky Derby odds minutes later. Just make sure that you pay down your credit card balance every month as you don’t want to be accruing a ton of interest.

If you happen to find yourself in a country like the United States, you’ll want to examine your options. Online horse betting is legal but it’s sometimes it gets tricky with online banking. You’ll have to make the executive decision and choose which deposit option is best for you.

Keep in mind that the majority of deposit methods are free but some do have costs. Although security and ease of transfer tend to be the priorities, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not paying exorbitant fees as well. After all, the more you pay for fees, the less you’ll have to bet on the Kentucky Derby contenders. Usually, the better books will offer a bunch of free ways to deposit. In some cases, they might even cover the fees if you deposit enough.

Aside from that, keep in contact with them to find out all of the details as they are experts on the matter regardless of where you’re located.

One last thing, don’t get too hung up on the fees as the better books offer deposit bonuses. You’ll get some of the house’s money just for depositing, so that will help cover some of the fees – if you have any – or give your horse betting bankroll a head start before you’ve even placed a bet.